Plan. Invest. Relax.

We help you plan for all stages of life.

Plan. Invest. Relax.

We help you plan for all stages of life.


What We Can Do for You

Traynor Capital is here for our clients. We are a registered investment advisor firm committed to your financial independence. We have many services that can help you reach your financial goals.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Traynor works with each client to identify their risk tolerance and financial goals. We use these factors to construct a portfolio that will put you on the road to a comfortable retirement.

Investment Management & Advisory

Our investment process is built upon traditional equity and fixed income securities, along with exchange traded funds. We believe in the need for asset and style-based portfolio strategies, with concentrated holdings intended to maximize risk reduction while keeping overall costs at low levels.

Cash Management

Individual, Joint, or Corporate brokerage accounts allow for the flexibility of investment options to make better use of your unused cash.

Our Story

Established in 2006, Traynor Capital was founded to provide an optimal environment to allow our clients to grow and protect their wealth. We believe the expertise of Traynor Capital Management and the resources of our custodian, Fidelity Investments, will provide what’s needed to achieve your financial objectives. Our portfolio strategies are built upon traditional high-quality equity and fixed income holdings. These strategies are direct and transparent – our clients know what they own, know what they pay, and know what they earn. We aim to set our firm apart from many of the larger brokerage houses and financial institutions by our loyalty and commitment to our clients. Our experience within portfolio and wealth management, combined with trading and technological support from our custodian, will give each client the opportunity to meet their financial objectives.

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